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Rob Paxevanos Fishing DVD
Rob Paxevanos Fishing DVD

"Thank you Rob and team, we got the DVDs safely in the mail the other day.

We watched them over the last few days, it's got us really excited about the fishing prospect in the future, hopefully we will put what we've learnt from the DVDs to practise this coming weekend when we'll be heading up to St Georges Basin for a few days, plus we've also been lucky enough to book an afternoon session with Greg from Bay and Basin charters who specialise in SP/lure fishing.

And it's good to see how "into fishing" your daughters are, we have 3 young kids too (1 son and 2 daughters), hopefully we can get them hooked on fishing by getting them hooked up a bit more frequently compared to past attempts.

Wishing you and your family a Merry and safe Christmas and New Years.

Long Nguyen

DVD REVIEW - Fishing with Rob Paxevanos. Review by Carl Hyland.

"Recently, I was given the opportunity to preview a new DVD on the market and thought to myself; here we go, another 'expert' showing us what to do. Boy was I wrong! I get an opportunity to review a few fishing movies now and then and have found it very hard to find the time to do so but from the moment this went on the television, I was glued.

With chapters such as Bait fishing Essentials and spinning the edges and snags, I immediately thought, this is going to be good and as usual, Rob didn't disappoint. With the introduction of the DVD centred on bait fishing, it was pleasing to see that Rob kept his instructions to a basic level, making this tutorial ideal for new anglers or families wishing to get into trout fishing. In fact, his rigs on bardi grubs and even mudeyes were most impressive and it was pleasing to see Rob's involvement as a family man, fishing with his children. The scene with his daughter catching a nice trout and the lad hooking up in the background is priceless.

Moving on through the video I was excited to see two of my favourite waters given a Guernsey, Brushy lagoon and Four Springs. Rob's ventures to Brushy co-incided with a major Atlantic salmon release by the Inland Fisheries Service and this certainly was worthy of watching. Rob's antics on the water at Brushy are quite factual and humorous with a nice Redfin being landed and of course, a thumper of an Atlantic salmon. Tips on the lochstyle of spinning and casting were most informative and Rob proved the worth of these tips with a nice capture of a beautiful brown trout from Four Springs. To be taken on his favourite lure, a Rapala Max rap was most exciting and made for great footage.

Safety is an important issue for anglers in this day and age and Rob's messages on the use and finding the right EPIRB was brilliant and I, as an angler and boat owner found that segment to be very informative. To combine such useful product information in a how to video was well planned and thought through!

Finally, but not lastly, Rob gave an excellent tutorial on how to tie some great knots, the uni knot(Rapala Knot) plus the Allbright which really are two essential knots that anglers can learn, I know, knot tying instructional video can be boring, but Rob just has that knowledge of how to impart his methods and I couldn't stop watching. Therefore I have no hesitation in endorsing Rob's new video, 'Catching trout' and highly recommend it as viewing must for all anglers or would be anglers.

I look forward to Rob's next adventure where he will go into a favourite subject of many anglers, Fly Fishing."

Carl is the State-wide Fishing Columnist for The Mercury Newspaper. He is also the Tasmanian Features Columnist for International Fishing Boating World and the owner/administrator of

"Just met you at the Shell servo in Fyshwick where we quickly exchanged best wishes and you passed on a couple of your videos. I had purchased your Volume 1 DVD after hearing about it on the Scotty and Nige morning show. I loved the video of your youngest daughter catching a fish by herself and you wanting to help her but letting her do all the work. As a part time holiday fisherman, I found the video a great help in getting me catching fish when on holidays. I also wanted to give beach fishing a go and your section covered this topic very well for the beginners. Thanks again and keep up the good work by providing basic knowledge for the beginner fisherman."
David Rolfe (Cooma, NSW).

"In my job I'm fortunate enough to fish with some of the country's best anglers. I've fished with Rob Paxevanos from the "blue water" to the "bass water" . Rob is one of the country's best anglers and a great ambassador of the Australian fishing and outdoor lifestyle. The DVD will give you the skills you need to vastly improve your fishing next time you're out on the water."
Greg Reid - Professional fishing guide and instructor.

"Thanks to Rob and his tireless efforts to introduce fishing techniques to families and kids around Australia, he has taken the way he brings across the great Aussie pastime to a new level and this DVD will go a long way to improve the skills of anyone who loves their fishing as much as Rob does."
Ray Smith (Ray is a beach and rock fishing veteran.)

"Rob is passionate about his fishing, and this shines through in his DVD and Television productions."
Captain Kev

"I just wanted to email you and say that you have the most amazing customer service! I ordered Rob's Fishing DVD for my husband for Christmas yesterday afternoon at about 4pm and it was in my letterbox today! AWESOME! Thank you for making my Christmas shopping so much easier!"
Rachel, ACT

"The next best thing to coming on a guided fishing trip with me"
Jack Dart, Beach Fishing Guide, South Coast NSW.
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"Paxy is not only great fun to watch, he's one of the country's best all-round anglers. When it comes to how-to-best-catch-fish, his advice is priceless."
Mark Fountain, Lake Eucumbene Fishing Charters

"I can't tell you how much my Fishing has improved since I watched Disc 1"
Ashley Wells, Narooma, South Coast NSW.

"Got my first jewfish with Rob, it's actually on the DVD!"
Gary Dixon, ACT.

"This dad is now a holiday hero to mum and the kids, thanks Rob, best $20 on Fishing I have ever spent!"
Martin Walsh, Sydney

"Essential viewing for all kayak anglers"
Mal Grey, Sunstate Hobie