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Rob Paxevanos Fishing DVD
Rob Paxevanos Fishing DVD

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Here's a little hello from Rob:

Hi all, hope you are enjoying my personal web site... there will be plenty of new info each week, especially under the "Rob's Blog" and "News" headings.

I'm probably best known as the Host of WIN Television's Fishing Australia Series, which just enjoyed its 11th season on air, while Series 12 is already in production. You can check out more about this program at

My family and I are passionate about all forms of fishing, but in particular introducing new people to fishing, kayak fishing, new techniques and challenges, and educating anglers about sustainable fishing techniques.

I love being on the box, sure, but I like to highlight fishing that's really worth my viewers looking into, and produce a program that give viewers a quality experience. Of course I also like to get across the important messages whenever possible, that's what gives me real job satisfaction.

Amongst other things I also pen a weekly Fishing Column for the Rural Press Network of Newspapers around Australia, and have enjoyed doing this for over 12 years without missing a single week.


I have 4 daughters - it's pretty busy for this little mixed breed Aussie, but thankfully they all love fishing and my work gets me out on the water lots. I have great support from family, friends, WIN Television, sponsors and fans to keep on 'living the dream' wherever possible.

As much as I have always loved filming and writing about my fishing adventures, my Dad insisted I do something more reliable first, so I studied science, biology and more at a tertiary level and eventually gained a degree in Civil Engineering and worked in this field. It was a good move (thanks Dad) because the 'fishing journalist career' didn't come easy - I worked part time for eons slowly chipping away at my dream job. I have 3 brothers, so getting anything required patience, a trait I believe is one of my biggest assets. Although this being said, most species of fish definitely don't require patience once you know how!!!

I have also half completed a masters in Environmental Engineering but I've put this on hold with everything in my life at the moment... some things can wait!

One of my biggest heroes is my Dad, he's a workaholic, and like many immigrants to Australia he came here with just a few pennies in his pocket and made it good. He raised my three brothers and I, mostly on his own, all while running his own business with very little grasp of how to write English in an English speaking country. We all still have a laugh about this when he puts pen to paper; it's like his own secret code of English, and he likes it that way!.

Dad's motto is don't be scared of hard work, and I have this instilled in me, but heck I still get scared when I see him in full flight at his trailer manufacturing business - welding, grinding, painting and yelling at everyone to work faster.

My rock is my wife Marilyn, for some reason she loves me, she's a gifted pre-school teacher and she plain and simple just understands kids. She can quickly undo any trouble I get our kids into, and keeps me level headed by giving me lot of chores like emptying the garbage when I get home from a dream fishing trip.

I fished long before my media career kicked off, and will fish long after I retire - there are just so many great places to see, fish to learn about and people to meet, and the more I travel the more I realize no one will ever come close to doing it all. Thank goodness for that!

I hope you enjoy my Instructional/adventure DVD, I am very proud of it, and it has four decades of on-the-water experience within, which is why I believe it is worth its weight in gold.

See you on the water.

Rob Paxevanos